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Along its 19 years of activity GENSOFT CONSULTING has constantly developed demonstrating that the total involvement in projects and devotion to customers are what makes the success of a company.

1997 - The company is established

1998 - The company begins to develop its own integrated system called GENSIS one of the most valuable ERP applications (Enterprise Resource Planning), designed for the Romanian market.

2000 – The implementation of the ERP system is commenced for large number of customers of a relatively small size.

2002 - The company begins to redesign the GENSIS system on another software platform that should provide additional safety and stability in the operation of the system applications.

2003 – The implementation of the GENSIS V1.0 system is commenced for a number of medium sized customers.

2004 – The implementation of the GENSIS V1.0 system is commenced for a bigger size costumer.

2005 - The Company begins the implementation of the quality system in accordance with the provisions of the ISO 9001:2000 standard

2006 - The certification of the quality system GENSOFT CONSULTING ISO 9001:2000 by SAN Romania takes place.

2007 – The implementation of the GENSIS V1.0 system in a group organizational structure (national company with branch offices spread on the national territory), having as a logistics basis the VPN dedicated network.

2008 – The development of the GENSIS system through the integration of new functions specific to large sized customers.

2009 - A new version V2.0 of the integrated system GENSIS is launched

          - The Company is recertified by SRAC with the standard ISO 9001:2008

2010 - The company launches the data centre (backup) services for most of their own customers

2011 - The company launches the INVEST MANAGER computerized system – a computerized system for the management of investment works

2012 - The Company is recertified by SRAC with the standard ISO 9001:2008

2013 – An updated version of the GENSIS system meaning the redesign of the management analysis system is launched.

2014 - The company launches a new V.2.1 version of the GENSIS system

2015 - The Company is certified by SRAC with the standard ISO 9001:2008

2016 - The company launches a new V.2.2 version of the GENSIS system

2016 - The Company starts the implementation of the information security system ISO 27000 


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Passion, involvement, perseverance


The Sectorial Operational Program "Increasing the Economic Competitiveness"

 "Investments for your future"



Project Title: “ICT modernisation for Sc Gensoft Consulting SRL”

Project co-financed by the Regional Development European Fund.

“For detailed information about the other operational programs co-financed by the European Union please visit. "

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Certificat ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2008

From 2006 GC is accredited by the ISO certificate. Certificate of Accreditation.

Certificat IQ NET

IQ NET Certificate

Accreditation certificate IQNET - The world's largest network of leading certification bodies.

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