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Gensoft Consulting develops and integrates complex solutions of planning the company’s resources (ERP) on the Romanian market since 1997.

The Gensis – ERP product is a modular computer system, each area of activity of the company being covered by a specific application. The modules (applications) of the Gensis computerized system operate in an integrated whole, using a common database, but can also operate independently.


General information

The Gensis - ERP computerized system – ERP

-  It is a computer system destined to the large and medium-sized companies and which in the course of time has been adapted also for small companies, in the Gensis-small Business version;

-  It is a computer system built for the Romanian market, according to the laws and the Romanian accounting monographs;

-  It is an implementable solution to the companies that activate in the most different sectors of the economy (yield, services, trade, tourism, etc.);


Technical Features

Gensis is a computer system of type client server that uses the Windows work stations and Windows or Linux servers in a central server architecture and /or central server and subordinated servers.


Functional characteristics of the Gensis - ERP computerized system

- it organises the business processes and activities, thus creating the possibility of obtaining concrete and concise information;

- it adjusts easily to the permanent changes of the business environment, without interrupting the activities of the company;

- it provides a modern and easily accessible interface;

- it supports taking managerial decisions on the basis of the information provided in real time;

- it presents the information in a ready-to-use format;


The modules of the Gensis -ERP Integrated Computer System


A. Basic modules

Administrator - Configuration – Security Module

- it manages and configures the users of the system, the levels of access and the passwords;

- it updates the fixed character information (types of documents, types of operations, types of recordings, etc.);

Manufacturing  Module

- It pursues the launching and achievement of the production, depending on the stage of manufacturing and the recipes/norms of consumption;


Management Module


- Record and management of stocks of raw materials, consumables, finished products, semi-finished products, inventory items in the warehouse and in use;


The Tangible Assets Module


- it performs the records and accounting of the fixed assets of the company’s assets, the movements of the fixed assets, re-evaluations, accounting and tax depreciations, differences in the re-evaluations;


The Financial – Treasury Module


- it performs the records of customers and suppliers, both internal and external, verifying the payments, receipts, receivables, debts, timetables;

- it performs the calculation and records of the penalties of the interest for the unpaid invoices;

-  it automatically generates the exchange rate differences;

- it pursues the balances of the advance payment accounts for customers and suppliers;

- it generates the balance sheet and the customers and suppliers’ records in lei and hard currency;

- it performs the record of the treasury settlements and the pursuit of their balances;

-  it automatically generates the tax declarations;

The In Cash - Banks Module


- it performs the monitoring of cash flows through banks and in cash, the balance of the accounts, the account statements, the cash registers;


The Personnel Record and Remuneration Module


- it performs the records related to the staff;

- it performs the calculation of the wages on the basis of the timesheets by compartments, of the bonuses related to each job and employee, according to the collective employment agreement,  the deductions, additions, etc.;

- it elaborates specific statements and reports, as well as the fiscal declarations.

The Financial Accounting Module


All modules described above record the accounting notes related to the documents they process. The financial accounting module is an instrument through which all these accounting notes are grouped, closed and put into the standard formula (registers, statements, balances) in order to obtain the analysis and reporting accounting statements.


The Management Accounting Module


All modules described above record costs and revenues centres for all the documents they process and that generate revenue or expenditure. The management accounting

- puts in relation the revenue and the expenditure of a company

- calculates the costs and expenses per unit of product or service;

- highlights the productivity and profitability of an activity or of a product of the company;

- generates reports for the analysis and decision module;

The Budgets Balance Sheet Module


- It performs the elaboration and updating of the annual budget (the planned one), both in the balance sheet forms and in those of the budgets approved by the ministries;

- It pursues the achievement of the indicators laid down through the budgets and balance sheet forms;

- It generates analysis and information reports

The Analysis and Decision Module

            It represents a succession of informative screens, tables and graphics, particularly constituted according to the needs of information defined by each user company of the computer system, screens, tables and graphics that are updated online with all the information existing in the data base.



B. Related Modules


The Commercial - Acquisitions Modules


- The development and the pursuit of the completion of the annual plan of purchases based on the registered acquisitions invoices;

- The record of the supply needs based of the correlation of the limit stocks with the purchase plan;

- The Record of the contracts concluded with the suppliers and pursuing the completion of such contracts;

- The elaboration and record of the orders to the suppliers;

- The record of the purchase requisitions and tracking the flow of their approval;

- The elaboration of the analysis and information reports

The Payment Analysis and Monitoring Module

- It aims particularly at the medium/large sized companies with group structure where the payments for all the suppliers are approved at the central level for the whole group of companies, but it can be used as well within the independent entities;

- On the entire chain of an invoice payment approval one aims at the correlation of the goods or services value, which are the subject of such invoice,with the purchase requisitions approved in the commercial-purchase module;

- The elaboration of the specific analysis and information reports

The Commercial – Retail Module

- The record and tracking of the retail contracts;

- The record and tracking of the orders;

- The automatic elaboration of the sales documents (delivery order, waybills, invoices);

- The elaboration of many analysis and information reports;


The Predefined Calculation Module

- The predefined calculation of the production prices, of the retail prices on the basis of the consumption norms and the pursuit to achieve of the predefined calculations;

- The predefined calculation of the repair services on the basis of consumption norms and the pursuit to achieve the predefined calculations;

- The generation of the analysis and information reports;

The Laboratory – Traceability Module

- The elaboration and record of the laboratory reports carried out on the production, realised by batches, expiration dates, etc.;

- The development and record of the certificates of conformity for each invoice with an indication of the batch, the laboratory report, etc.;

- The reflection of the finished products stocks, of the inputs and outputs by batches, in view of the correct completion of the traceability of the products intended for human consumption;

- The generation of the analysis and information reports;

The Work and Protection Equipment Module

- The record of work and protection equipment received by the employees in accordance with the health and safety protection rules;

-The elaboration of the requisition order and of the deadline by which this requisition must be made;

- The pursuit to accomplish the supply with specific materials;

The Equipment Module

- The record of the equipment engaged in the production process of a unit;

- The pursuit of their operating status by drawing up the services and repairs plans and the pursuit of their implementation based on the regulations and the equipment’ hours of operation;

- The generation of the specific analysis and information reports (service plans, repairs of all types, intakes related to the repairs and operation of the machinery, etc.);

The Record and Traceability of Measuring and Control Appliances Module

- The record of the measuring and control appliances of a company;

- The elaboration of the verification-calibration graphics for every measuring and control appliance, depending on the regulations, terms of warranty and specific internal regulations;

- The pursuit of realising the verification-calibration graphics of the measuring and control appliances;

 - The generation of the specific analysis and information reports; 



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