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INVEST MANAGER - computer system for economic consultancy, partially technical, offering a new approach to the management of investments works procedure.

General information

The system establishes the procedure of elaborating the predefined measurement assisted by the computer. By this procedure, one creates a direct link between the designer’s thinking and the activities to be carried out afterwards. It is a novelty in itself, by the way of interactive work with other stages of the investment project.

            The cycle, predefined measurement – tender documentation - tender - attachment-situation of work-balance of execution – working programs, continues down by successive processing of the data.

            The data bases (permanent or by conjuncture) are accessible to the beneficiaries, they being able to develop their own applications anytime.

            A high performance system of material prices, oriented towards the suppliers and a precise calculations of the transportation costs for each material, depending on the distances and the hypothesis of transport. This feature can be highlighted where the transportation has a significant share in the value of the work, such as road works. For such works (as well as for others), one may calculate individually for each material: the railway and road transportation, and the manual and mechanical handling. At the same time, for less demanding works, there is a simplified procedure.

            The calculation of the needs of workmanship (man hours) at any level: article, merged article, estimate, in view of the optimum allocation of human resources. One can also request and edit some price analysis at the level of the estimate item in various versions.

            The elaboration of reports in strict compliance with the European standards, including the elaboration of documents in any language that uses the Latin alphabet.

            The value documents, such as currency offer, respectively the works situations, quoted in lei, may be listed and exploited in any currency.

The INVEST MANAGER system’s modules

            1. Computer assisted predefined measurement

            2. Drawing up the tender documentation in the constructions field

            3. Drawing up the tender for mounting constructions

            4. The settlement of mounting constructions works

            5. The system management

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