GENSOFT Consulting

Software solution for the National Society of the Salt’ s centralised procurement computer system

A complex program for drawing up, implementing and tracking of purchases in a centralized system


Software solution for the National Society of the Salt’s centralised payments computer system

Solution for the improvement of the administration and management manner of the cash funds at the level of a National Company


Centcost – software solution for drawing up the management and central costs at the level of a group type structure.

The aim is to have at any time a picture of the products’ costs at the level of the branches and centralised at the level of the parent company.

D406-SAFT – software solution for preparing the D406 declaration (montly, annual, stoks)

Complex system of programs integrated into GENSIS-ERP system

Passion, involvement, perseverance


The Sectorial Operational Program "Increasing the Economic Competitiveness"

 "Investments for your future"



Project Title: “ICT modernisation for Sc Gensoft Consulting SRL”

Project co-financed by the Regional Development European Fund.

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Certificat ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2008

From 2006 GC is accredited by the ISO certificate. Certificate of Accreditation.

Certificat IQ NET

IQ NET Certificate

Accreditation certificate IQNET - The world's largest network of leading certification bodies.